Entry #12

Somthing to think about

2016-07-04 14:14:12 by LoneIsland

Flash N' Play is never come out in Newgrounds, and that's not a bad thing. Youtube seams to be a better place to start off in. Youtube has givin tons of people like me to create and make content such as web shows and review shows. The beauty of Youtube is that you don't have to choose between two people you like. Fans of AVGN and JonTron don't get into fights because they can watch what they want and don't watch.

Even people like Beeblefoxx and Chris Chan have fans because all kinds of people with all kinds of different taste for shows, if if they still have tons of people who don't enjoy them, they still have fans. I won't worry if my work isn't a hit, because I will still have fans, and they will help spread the word about me. It's not a race, it's a pasion to give and create. People of Newgrounds are not what they used to be, now most of them are fucking asshole low lives.

People didn't want change, even if it wasn't bad.



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2016-07-04 15:01:07

But Newgrounds has changed. Unfortunately, not for the better. When I first stumbled upon this site in 2004, almost every movie was awesome, there was always something good on the audio portal, and I could always be entertained by the most recent games. Now, half of the content here is as ghey and degenerate as 4chan. Can't find a decent movie, and so much of the audio is cringey as hell. The games are okay some of the time, but often they look like they were designed by some kindergarten kid. Same with the art. And the fandoms on this site are rabid and retarded. Anything good that comes to this site is immediately eaten up into a fandom that turns into a diarrhea mess. But I do agree with you on one point. This site sucks. Unfortunately, it's the best creative outlet for me to get constructive feedback on my work.


2016-07-04 22:08:52

yeah lol you're comparing apple and orange.